Need insurance for a van for just one day? There are a lot of benefits to buying Short Term Van Insurance, which will be covered in detail below. This type of policy, only available online, can run for a period of between 1 and 28 days. This flexibility can also be seen in the nature of purchase, as it is available online (exclusively) all year round, at every hour of the day. Furthermore, it takes only a minute to receive a quote and a mere few minutes more to confirm a policy. The documents are also delivered by email as soon as the transaction is concluded - the insured will therefore be able to drive the given van within minutes.

Who can be covered? All drivers from 19 to 75 can potentially be insured by this form of insurance. The application form is incredibly simple, anyone can complete it. EU licences are also accepted alongside UK ones. The policy can even be used by those on a provisional licence, subject to certain conditions. Some insurers even provide breakdown assistance and tool cover too - a huge breadth and depth of people can possibly be covered by these policies. Cover for driving in the European Union is also available.

For those cautious drivers who want to ensure safety, roadside assistance is also available as an optional extra. To further make the flexibility evident, the cover can either begin immediately or at a stated date and time in the near future. The person insured does not even have to own the car, it can simply be borrowed...but that does not stop an owner also taking advantage of the many positives of insuring a van short term. The policy can also feature both owner and borrower, as more than one person can be put on the policy.


Some drivers have had problems in the past, and a handful of minor convictions may be acceptable to the insurer. This short term insurance should not just be considered limited to vans, as cars can also be covered in this manner. If you are uninsured but need to make a journey at short notice, or make several journeys in a month but arenít sure you will require insurance after this point, short term insurance is far cheaper than losing a driving licence for driving whilst uninsured. An accident that occurs with this policy will not affect a no claims bonus on existing policy.

There are many scenarios in which this would be useful, such as: Sharing driving on a long journey; Use of a van whilst the owner is unable to drive; Getting a newly purchased van home; Lending a van to a someone for a short period; and many more.

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